• Price is based on the number of participants

The basic gameplay of Team Elimination lasts about 5 minutes per round, with upto 12 players on the field per round. Factoring in training and turn-over time between games we usually see about 25 rounds per hour. Of course, we have other games that can be played, too.




DELUXE PACKAGEhour event price : $555.00

( MOST COMMON PACKAGE USED) – Designed Large – Medium Playing Area/ back yard ) 12 PLAYERS

    • * Up to 12 Player on the field per game*

    • 12 laser tag units & head gear

    • BonusFull 15 Inflatable bunker field * (As space allows)

    • 2 Red Line staff member/referee ( Full supervision of all games )

    • ( additional units available with prior notification at $25.00 per unit )




( Designed Large Playing Area/ back yard ) 16 PLAYERS OR MORE

    • Minimum 1.5 hour event

    • Up to 16 players per game

    • 16 laser tag units

    • Full field setup

    • 2- 3 Red Line staff members (Depending on size of party)



  • RLM will try to accommodate any party size or time.


During large group events we primarily stick to the basic game of Team Elimination which lasts about 5 minutes per round with up to 16 players on the field. Factoring in training and turn-over time between games we usually see about 6-7 rounds per hour, allowing for a total of approximately 150 players each hour. Depending on the make-up of the group we can introduce new game scenarios as desired. These might include Capture the Flag, Escort the Hostage, and Save the Hostage. , and DOMINATION.



(Designed for Festival/Carnival type events)

  • RLM will negotiate the travel and staff costs based on the proceeds from the event.


Each booking automatically receives 50 mile round trip travel per event. Currently the extended travel fee is 75¢ per mile for distances traveled beyond the 50 mile round trip blue zone.

For example:

  • 1. Cortlandt Manor, NY to White Plains, NY is 50 miles round trip of free travel.

  • 2. Cortlandt Manor, NY to East Fishkill, NY is 50 miles round trip of free travel

  • 3. Cortlandt Manor, NY to Spring Valley, NY is 50 miles round trip of free travel

  • 4.Cortlandt Manor, NY to Manhattan, NY is 90 miles round trip. It would cost:

    90 miles – 50 free miles = 40 miles

    40 miles x 75¢ = $30.00

    (Discounts may be available for longer events.)

Terms and Conditions

  • We accept credit or debit cards Via Pay Pal

  • A credit card refundable deposit of $100 is required on booking.

  • The deposit becomes non-refundable 10 days before the event date.

  • Cancellation less than 24 hours before the scheduled event, will incur a 75% charge of the Red Line Mobile Laser Tag price

  • Full payment is due, charged against your credit card, on the day of the event.

  • The Customer is responsible for providing the playing space and ensuring that no State, County, Municipality, Householder Association, bylaws etc. prohibit activities like laser tag. If a Red Line Mobile Laser Tag event cannot take place for any of the former or similar reasons, payment is still due in full.

  • All participants, or their legal guardians, must sign the liability release form. You cannot participate in a Red Line Mobile Laser Tag event without signing the liability release form. Failure of participants to sign theliability release form is not a reason to not pay for, or request a discount off the Red Line Mobile Laser Tag event.

  • All animals and pets should be restrained, or kept indoors, during setup through breakdown of the Red Line Mobile Laser Tag equipment. The play area should be cleared of all hazards, including dog stool. Failure to do so or other potential safety issues will result in the cancellation of the Red Line Mobile Laser Tag event with no refund.

  • Red Line Mobile Laser Tag is not responsible for the weather and the Red Line Mobile Laser Tag Crew is responsible for making a weather related play/no-play decision. For a Red Line Mobile Laser Tag event that does not start, or has less than 50% of the expected playing time due to bad weather, the participants will be offered a rain makeup date for the party. If possible an alternative indoor venue should be available for bad weather.

* Pictures taken by Red Line Mobile Laser Tag at an event are owned and copyrighted by Red Line Mobile Laser Tag. Red Line Mobile Laser Tag hosts and any of the participants, who have signed a liability release form, is granted a non-transferable license to use these pictures. Red Line Mobile Laser Tag reserves the right to photograph participants for publicity purposes.


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